2015 Tallangatta Sports Festival – Sunday 27th September 2015

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Tallangatta is a small town of 1500 people located on the banks of Lake Hume in North East Victoria, 40km from Albury/Wodonga.  During summer Tallangatta is a mecca for water sports and fishing enthusiasts with the open expanses of Lake Hume.

Events Tallangatta is the one stop point to locate what sports events are on offer at Tallangatta.  One of the untapped resources of this beautiful piece of Victoria is the abundance of opportunities for the sporting community of Australia to experience running on the secluded trails that break out into open panoramic views across Lake Hume, gentle cycling on the rail trails suitable for the whole family or getting down to some hard challenges on the mountain bike in the hills and on the fire trails.  If the road is your thing, get out and grind out some hills on your favorite road bike or just stay at Tallangatta and grab a bite to eat and enjoy the serenity.  In 2013 a group of community members started to look at a range of sporting events to showcase the suitability of Tallangatta and the surrounding areas to the sporting community.

The Tallangatta Sports Festival showcases our region to the sporting public.  Once again in October Tallangatta will welcome competitors to the Tallangatta Half Marathon (21.1km), a unique opportunity for the running community to experience a Half Marathon that will skirt Lake Hume via a secluded rail trail before running 1200m atop the new Sandy Creek Pedestrian Bridge across the lake, before returning back to the finish in the centre of Tallangatta Township.  In conjunction with this event there is also the 10km, 5km and 2km support events.

As part of our annual Sports Festival Tallangatta will welcome competitors for the Strong Man/Woman event in the centre of town.  You may not be the strongest but are you fast?  In a test of strength and speed, put yourself to the test on a power to weight challenge.

It is our intent to continue to develop events for all disciplines of sporting endeavor for Tallangatta, so if you are looking for a challenge keep an eye on Events Tallangatta and who knows we may see you hitting the trails, tossing a tire in a Strong Man Event or having a well earned rest at the local food outlets, either way, get up into the high country and enjoy the view.